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Through the expertise and experience of our powder specialists and design team, All-Fill are able to offer special purpose, bespoke design and multi-function monobloc auger filling systems which can include vial stoppering, cap closing/sealing and coding.

Our design team will liaise with you throughout the design to ensure that we are satisfying your requirements. Our special purpose auger filling machinery can be controlled through a single PLC and touch-screen making it less time-consuming for the operator.

Examples of our special purpose auger filling machinery are shown below:


Multi-function monobloc auger filling system for filling granules into petrol tank breather filter cartridges for the motor car industry with loading/unloading by a single operator.


Indexing motion rotary auger filling system for filling vending drinks powders into canisters with extremely small neck openings. Includes checkweigher feedback and auto-stacking.


A puck indexing auger filling system for laser printer cartridges with tare and gross weighing, two-stage filling, intermediate vibration, capping, weight/cap control, coding, single operator loading/unloading.


Special purpose auger filling system for weigh-filling narrow-neck vials and bottles for the European Commission. Includes tray loading, rubber stoppering and integral isolation glove box enclosure.

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